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Product description

Sealing sliding windows/doors,which have surrounding locking system : The double gaskets of frame and sash press together. It can make windows and doors to reach high airtightness, watertightness and sound insulation for the performance of the high sealing.


Traditional sliding door can’t reach high sound insulation. Only casement window have high sound insulation and sealed by press gasket; So if the door of the sound insulation can’t sealed,it has no effect. HOPO use the same way that sealed by press gasket on the casement window to lock the sliding door,it can reach high sealing and sound insulation for the performance.

Design concept

The sealing sliding of the high performance systems focus on the typhoon weather.The performance is better than lift-sliding system, and make up for the defects of this system, can ensuring the performance of the wind pressure resistance and watertightness.

Product Features

High sealing performance is reached by moving sash 7mm horizontally towards frame through handle operation.

Double-track design effectively prevents excessive wind load sash derailing and gets better stability.

Special design make sash and frame work together to win wind load resistance.

Swing roller’ increases anti-lift capacity, ensures anti-theft performance.

New roller design is easy to install,has high bearing capacity, improve safety of the system.

Narrow surface of opening sash +fixed sash provides you wider view.

Mosquito sash is optional , and can ensure anti – mosquito and ventilation performance.

Two layer sealing gasket to keep sound insulation.