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Product description

The ventilation is soft and comfortable, with two opening ways of inward opening and Tilt-turn opening, which can meet various requirements of ventilation and wilder horizons.


This system can be used in different environments.When living at home, you can turn down the window, which saves the indoor space occupied by the window sash and prevents the wind from blowing directly into the room.When it rains, it can also be ventilated as usual. Raindrops only splash on the glass and flow out of the window.

Design concept

Tilt-turn window can be ventilated in all weathers. The sash doesn’t occupy space, the distance of opening is 13cm, can keep out rain.

Product Features

High sealing capacity from wrapped strips, improved sound insulation and heat preservation, dustproof.

Sash openable at any angle; handle downward rotation tigthens sash preventing wind blown and damages.

Complete Inside sash opening permits safe outside glass cleaning.

When sash is in tilt position , can keep natural ventilation and improve the air quality of room.

Handle with key ensures inward opening limitation, preventing from accidental hazards.

In Tilt state the sash occupies little room and it is not interfering with the curtain

The design of multi-lock and mushroom head lock enhances the anti-theft performance of the window

When the window has inward opening, it can be used for emergency escape.