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Product description

Window screen integral whole – guard rail :
1.Has all the advantages of ordinary thermal break aluminum windows and doors
2.Good sound insulation effect, high water tightness and air tightness
3.Effective anti-mosquito anti-theft
4.Small opening limit can protect children’s safety


The system can be used in different environments, for example: bay window can be achieved with top, bottom and middle fix sashes.

Design concept

Solve the problem of mosquito prevention, theft prevention and window ventilation to protect children’s safety.

Product Features

It has good sound insulation proformance because of the cavity between profile and thermal break bar.

Double-corner-cleat device keeps the window stable

New friction hinge, is easy to installation, high bearing performance for safer window.

Corner profile Injecting glue improve the window sealing performance.

Anti-mosquito screen has also protective effect

Window design provier high quality ventilation

Flush profile design and concealed hardware improve window apprerance.

Special handle for screen is very smooth and easy to use