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Product description

Special concealed handle and concealed control hardware improves the visual integrality. Unique narrow profile design changes the limitation of half opening in traditional window, and reduces profile visible width. The profile visible width narrows to 82mm and brings broader view.


This system is suitable for various areas, for example: balcony, living room and Indoor partitions. Solution with fixed panel. For bi-folding door in balcony, the top fixed panel can extend the height of the sash over its standard dimension. We can also provide similar solution for window, by adding a bottom fixed panel when used in balconies. Various schemes are available: 3+0、3+1、3+3、5+1

Design concept

Our idea about special narrow profile design is to reduce the profile visible width, ensure wider visual view and enhance practicability to create a new experience for the end-user.

Product Features

Unique concealed handle inserted in the side of profile represents a more easy-to-operate solution.

Top bearing roller ensures high safety by avoiding bottom roller derailing. Max Load capacity 50 Kg/sash.

Top bearing roller, bottom guiding roller use stainless steel clamping connections to avoid damaging drilling operations.

Shoot bolts on top and bottom make leaves locked tightly. Top bearing roller design ensures high level of safety.

Concealed handle improves window appearance. Sealing structure design enhances water resistance performance.

Special narrow profile design ensures wider view.

High sealing capacity improves sound insulation and heat preservation, dustproof.

Duoble side handles with cylinder, insulating glass with integrated louver, fly screen available in different schemes.